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Although the Indian Creek Village Public Safety Department had the marine assets to implement policing activities to address these problems it was hampered by a lack of jurisdiction in the waterways adjacent to the Village. Thus, Indian Creek Village officers would routinely observe serious safety violations or activities endangering the marine mammal population and yet be unable to take enforcement or even non-enforcement warning actions. At the same time, neighboring jurisdictions had no marine policing resources and the Miami-Dade County Police and the Florida Marine Patrol, which has concurrent jurisdiction in the waterways, had limited personnel and equipment resources to police the area. The problem was further complicated by a crazy quilt of jurisdictional boundaries with 12 municipal police agencies having jurisdiction over parts of Biscayne Bay.

‚ÄčThe ICVPSD initiated an effort to create a regional approach to this problem and through negotiations with the Bay Harbor Islands Police Department, the Bal Harbour Police Department and the Miami-Dade Police Department created the Joint Marine Protection Area (JMPA) which provides the ICVPSD with full concurrent jurisdiction in the waterways adjacent to the Village. As a result of this program the neighboring jurisdictions now enjoy the full benefits of a community orientated marine policing program without the significant expense of doing so. Duplication of resources has been eliminated and the marine policing problems previously identified are addressed on a regional basis.

The ICVPSD operates the only 24 hours per day, 7 days a week marine patrol unit and at night, it is often the only waterborne police force available on Biscayne Bay. As a result, most of the other police agencies bordering the Bay have entered into concurrent jurisdiction agreements with ICVPSD. Currently, such agreements exist with the following jurisdictions;

Miami Beach Police Department, North Miami Beach Police Department, Bay Harbor Police Department, Aventura Police Department, Bal Harbour Police Department, Miami Shores Police Department, Golden Beach Police Department, Miami-Dade Police Department

Indeed, as a result of the success of these agreements, the Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police initiated a county wide jurisdiction effort. Through negotiations with the Miami-Dade Police Department, municipal police agencies in Miami-Dade County now have county wide police jurisdiction. These agreements and the resultant policing activities represent and excellent example of the Problem Solving Activity Goal.