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​June 1st officially begins the hurricane season, which lasts until November 30. Few people take hurricane preparation seriously until weather forecasters predict a storm to hit our coastline. It is this 24 to 48 hour period before the storm is to make landfall, that residents rush off to buy the supplies that they should already have.

The time to prepare is NOW. Click Here-for tips, checklists and valuable information on shelters and evacuation routes that can increase your safety during hurricane season.

All of Indian Creek Village lies within an evacuation zone for a category 2 storm or higher. Everyone should plan on leaving the Village well before the storm arrives. 

If you wait too long to make a decision to leave, it may be too late as heavy traffic, flooded streets, and stalled cars may make it impossible to go very far.

Storm surge is also a major concern, and has been responsible for more hurricane related deaths than the wind. The storm surge is a large dome of water that sweeps across the coastline near where the hurricane makes landfall. It can be up to a hundred miles wide, and cause coastal waters to rise as much as 18 feet or more, depending on the size and make-up of the storm. If it occurs at high tide, the water level can be even higher. The wave action can batter a building and cause substantial damage. While the barrier island on the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway offers some protection, the Indian Creek Village area could be seriously affected by the high waters. 

​Miami-Dade Hurricane Preparedness​​