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The Indian Creek Village Public Safety Department's philosophy still the same and our goal to provide the best possible police services to our community has not changed. Our organization is still committed to the Department's Mission Statement:

"The Mission for every Member of this Department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to the residents of and visitors to our community"

Every Member of the agency carries this Mission Statement with them as part of their official credentials and this philosophy is consistently reinforced through daily interactions with the Chief and supervisory personnel.

The relationships that individual members of the agency have developed with the residents of the community are extraordinary. The Village sees its police officers as a community resource dedicated to helping them solve a wide range of problems, many non-law enforcement related.

A Model Agency

As a result of these efforts the Indian Creek Village Public Safety Department is now considered a model agency by the population its serves, neighboring municipalities and the South Florida law enforcement community. Where the prior police department and its members were shunned by fellow police professionals, representatives of ICVPSD now serve in leadership positions on numerous national, state and county wide law enforcement organizations. The agency remains committed to this philosophy and the rewards for the community and the officers that serve it have been substantial.